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I wish to have a treehouse




Andrew and his treehouse

Andrew's Terrific Treehouse Wish

Eight-year-old Andrew from Millersville, MD is a bright and imaginative child with a zeal for life. He is an adventurous kid and loves going to amusement parks, swinging on the monkey bars, having family movie nights, and playing sports with friends. All through Andrew’s battle with leukemia, he continued to dream big and make grand plans. So, when the time came to make a wish with the Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic team, Andrew was ready!  

Andrew wished for a backyard treehouse, but not just any treehouse – this one would have a rock wall, windows, and a roof with skylights! “I wanted a wish that will last forever and not be a one-time thing. I can play up in the treehouse and share with my brothers and sister,” Andrew said.  

Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic turned to the experts - Superior Construction Services – who saw Andrew’s visions and took on the challenge. Construction soon began and the team quickly began dreaming as big as Andrew to design and build his new space.  

The granted wish revealed an amazing, playful treehouse that was everything Andrew imagined, including a working zipline! He spent the afternoon on his wish day running around his yard with his friends, siblings and cousins, saying, “I’m going to live in this treehouse forever!”  

Thanks to our generous sponsor, Superior Construction Services, the Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic team was able to give Andrew his own private space to enjoy being a kid and continue being his most optimistic self for when he needs it most.  

"I'm going to live in this treehouse forever!" - Andrew