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I wish to have a shopping spree




Melisa next to her limo

Melisa's Spectacular Shopping Spree

Along with being a resilient cancer fighter, 17-year-old Melisa from Columbia, MD is already a sophomore in college! When she is not hard at work hitting the books, Melisa is quite a fashionista. She loves all things clothes, shoes and makeup! So, when asked by her wish granting volunteers what she wished for, Melisa said she wished to have a shopping spree complete with a full makeover from the talented makeup artists at Sephora.

The Make-A-Wish team wanted Melisa’s trip to be filled with all the glitz and glam she deserved, so it was only fitting that Melisa showed up in style. She was smiling ear to ear when a black limousine pulled up at her house to take her on her shopping spree adventure. Her day started off at Sephora where she was treated as a true beauty queen by the wonderful Sephora staff. Along with her makeover, she was able to pick out some of her favorite makeup products to take home so she can feel beautiful every day. She then refreshed her wardrobe at Macy’s, picked up some new bath essentials at Bath and Body Works and visited the Apple Store for the latest gadgets to keep her doing her best while at college.

It is true what they say; to feel your best, you must look your best. Melisa was able to feel like a fashionista for the day and get a confidence boost from feeling like her best self. Sometimes a day of pampering is just what the doctor ordered and Melisa is sure to be glowing for months to come!

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