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I wish to have at-home video recording equipment



rare blood disorder


Pageio's wish to inspire through videography

When battling critical illness, some days are easier to get through than others. For 15-year-old Pageio from Fairfax, Virginia, each day brings an opportunity to learn and inspire. Page’s diagnosis of a rare blood disorder has certainly had its fair share of low moments, but Page is determined to take them all in stride and look forward to his future with a smile. When he met with the Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic team to determine his wish, he decided to combine his empathetic nature with his love for videography, so he wished for at-home recording equipment to document his experience for others going through a similar journey.

“With these items, I hope to show the world what the Bone Marrow Transplant is actually like, and how there’s nothing to fear in the transplant. I want to use these items to become a shining beacon for all people who are scared or otherwise anxious about going into a BMT, and show people that it is possible to be cured,” Page said.

Since receiving his equipment, Page has done exactly that, and created multiple videos highlighting his medical challenges and victories. Page’s honesty, bravery, and optimism is the embodiment of the fact that he is so much more than his disease. This sweet young man’s story, videos, and overall character will change so many lives for the better; it all started with his selfless wish and desire to put forth love and light into the world.


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