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I wish to go to Hawaii



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Andrew in Hawaii

Surf's Up - Andrew's Hawaii Wish

Twelve-year-old Andrew from Baltimore, MD is an active boy with an array of bold interests. His favorite things include rock music - mainly Queen and Guns & Roses- sushi and Mario Kart, and he loves the great outdoors. When he’s not fishing or tubing, he’s playing soccer, catch or games with his family.

Andrew has had a rough medical journey as he went through treatment for a brain tumor. When he was told by his Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic volunteers that he qualified for a wish, he put a lot of thought into what he would choose. Since Andrew is so close with his family and loves exploring new things, a trip to the Hawaiian Islands called his name!

An adventurer at heart, Andrew’s trip itinerary was packed with exciting activities. He chose to visit the “Big Island,” Hawai’i, also known as the main island. He was able to accomplish all his big goals of surfing, swimming with dolphins, attending a luau, visiting a volcano, and taking an ATV ride where Jurassic Park was filmed. The family even ziplined, and Andrew was so talented at it that the instructor let him try advanced techniques, such as ziplining upside-down! His favorite meal of the trip was the luau’s chicken and corn, but he shared that the hotel smoothies were also a delicious treat.

“We had a great time in Hawaii,” Andrew’s mom, Caroline, said. “It was perfect, and Andrew was so happy to be able to have a win, so to speak. With so many hard things to get through over the past few years, it was so nice for him to have a wish granted!”